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 Pressure & Temperature Switch, Pressure, DP, Temperature Transmitters.

Level Switch/Transmitters -  Capacitance, Conductivity, Vibration, Ultrasonic, RADAR, Guided RADAR, Hydrostatic, Nucleonic, Electromechanical.

Flow Meters – Electromagnetic, Vortex, Coriolis Mass, Thermal Mass, Ultrasonic (On-line & Portable).

Analyzer – Liquid – pH, Conductivity/Concentration, Dissolved Oxygen, Chlorine, Turbidity.

Density – Nucleonic

 On-line Solid Analyzer for – coal, Iron Ore, Bauxite, Lime Stone etc.
Speciality Coal Analysis – Moisture, Ash Content, Sulphur, Energy and Carbon Content in fly ash
 SCANTECH, Australia

 Combustion  :    Flame Monitors, Electrical Spark Ignitors, Burner Controls, Pilot Burner, Gas Burner, Duct Burner, Gas ControlGas Ignitor, Dual Fuel Ignitor, Video Monitoring for Combustion Chambers.

Environment : Optical Dust Opacity Monitor, Volume Flow meter, Filter Monitor, Emission Data Processing System, Ambient / Emission Beta Gauge Particulate Monitors, Total Mercury Analyzer for Stack Emission,

 DURAG, Germany
 Solenoids / Solenoid Valves for safe and Hazardous Area  – Namur, Remote, Manifold and Gang Mounted
Pneumatic Power Cylinders
Positioner for Power Cylinders
 RGS Electro - Pneumatics, UK
 Online Gas Analysers for CO,CO2, NOx, SOx,O2, H2 etc
Online Gas Chromograph
 ABB Analytical Division
 Electrical & Steam Heat Tracers.  Thermon Heat Tracers Pvt. Ltd.USA
 Water analyser like Silica, Sodium, Phosphate, hydrazine, Urea, Ammonia, etc  for any applications  BRAN+LUEBBE, Germany
 M/s. rbr Messtechnik GmbH  Details